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juli 13th, 2018 /

Shortage of water is a big challenge

When Hui Chunjie moved into her new home last winter, she was delighted. Having grown up in the countryside and lived as a migrant worker for years, she and her husband had saved up and bought a house in the center of Si County. Although the building looked a little shabby, mottled from years of wind and rain, the apartment was spacious and well-decorated — and it was theirs. But the joy quickly vaporized.

“There wasn’t a drop of water,” Hui, 35, tells Sixth Tone. Every morning, she had to buy a container of filtered water and carry it up four flights of stairs just to be able to do the laundry and cook for her two children.

Read more: http://www.sixthtone.com/news/1002562/The%20Town%20That%20Rations%20Water%20by%20the%20Hour/



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